The Riverfront


The Riverfront

The riverside area is one of the most splendid and cosmopolitan thoroughfares in the city, evoking memories of a time when Phnom Penh was considered the Jewel of South East Asia. Cafés, restaurants, bars and boutiques run along one side of the river boulevard, whilst along the riverbank stretches the broad, landscaped, promenade walkway.


As the sun goes down this area becomes filled with all the charm and splendor of daily life in the city, whilst, fishing boats, small cruisers and working vessels travel up and down the flows of the wide and imperious Tonle Sap River as it prepares it tosses and writhes in its endless wrestle with the might of the Mekong. 


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Some of Phnom Penh’s most important cultural sites as well as dozens of pubs, restaurants and shops sit along the picturesque park-lined riverfront overlooking the chaktomuk – the confluence of the Tonle Sap, Mekong and Bassac Rivers. The Royal Palace, the Silver Pagoda and the National Museum are clustered together between Street 178 and 240 and restaurants and pubs line the riverfront road Sisowath Quay, stretching north from the Royal Palace area all the way to Street 104 near Wat Phnom. Visit the Royal Palace and National Museum and stroll up the riverfront for a drink or a meal or to do some shopping. Just off the riverfront, Street 240 behind the Royal Palace harbors several restaurants and high-quality boutiques and Street 178 next to the National Museum is known as ‘Art Street’ and is dotted with interesting little art galleries and silk shops. Early risers, check out the spectacular sunrise over the river in front of the Royal Palace area.